Celana by JorgK.
-When affordable luxury meets sustainable principles through handmade apparel and accessories.-

Fashion that is beautiful, warm, sustainable, and sometimes, has no gender – with that in mind, Georgia Kyriakou launched Celana by JorgK. brand in 2017.
With creativity, design, and culture at its core, 
she is aiming at keeping alive old crafts, encouraging people around the world, who seek something rare, to buy clothes that will last and stand out from the crowd by feeling the best of themselves, wearing Celana by JorgK.

Her main idea is that unique things always take time and lots of love to be made. Everybody should feel unique and that’s the job of a true designer to accomplish, through her creations.
Celana by JorgK. believes that luxury is not the privilege of the chosen ones, and the natural process of making and the limited quantity of fabrics, is the reason that pieces are one of a kind and they go beyond tradition, exceptional quality, and fashion. Not the desire for exclusivity.

In Celana by JorgK. We have a style principle based on sustainable standards. Every fabric, yarn, leather, and fur that we use, have a certification that let the customers know, that all the process that has been made, from the raw materials - to the hand of our designer - to get to you, hasn’t harmed the environment at anyway.

We are sustainable fashion brand that caters to modern international people.

Everything is handmade in Greece.

We are keeping Celana by JorgK. by choosing a “made to order” service. That means that everything that you purchase, is made for you and only. With that being said handmade products are a slow process, so our team usually needs a few days to complete one piece.

All of our products are made by hand, which is a priceless piece of art, that’s why we expect a level of responsibility from our customers, we take our work seriously and so should they.